Friday, June 24

Alicia's 30th

Happy Birthday to my buddy ole pal Alicia!
I had the pleasure of making her birthday cake for about 80 people. I wanted to make it sure it was a good one and so tried out 3 recipes for chocolate cake and called on my family for their opinions. The final verdict was the Boiled Chocolate Cake in of the Women's Weekly cookbook for its moistness. This one also had plenty of sugar which I'm sure added to the appeal.

I made 3 batches of the recipe for the 3 fat layers which equated to over 2kg of sugar! Though it was  pretty big cake I guess. Unfortunately I didn't use an appropriate icing and so you can see the big crack in the middle when I had joined the 2 cake tin pieces together. But I am glad I used the sponge fingers to cover up the ugly sides. The green ribbon was to match the theme of 'a touch of green', Alicia's favourite colour.
From the feedback, I'm glad it was enjoyed by many in the end.


Food Wine Sleep said...

wow great looking kids would love this for their party!!

Spencer said...

What an awesome chocolate cake! I would be delighted to receive that for my birthday!

annmelody18 said...

Happy 30th birthday Alicia. Hope more birthdays to come. Have a good health always.

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Jessica said...

its looks delicious cake thanks for sharing