Tuesday, December 28

I'm back! What adventures lie ahead?

So...it's been like 9 months since I've last blogged and during this time I had considered closing the account since I wasn't doing anything with it. This year has been rather full on with work and the usual weekly activities sapping the enthusiasm from me for doing non-essential tasks.

But 2011 is upon us, and an exciting new year of fooding adventures is set to commence! And why would next year be any different to the sparse postings of the previous years you might ask? Well, I have made the decision to make the jump and immerse myself into the hands on career of food creation... and become a pastrychef!

Ok, so I'm not there yet. I still need to enrol, and I still need to get a job...but I am pumped! I feel like a kid again and I seriously can't wait to learn! Ah, mature-aged students, how I see the dedication they have. Now this is nothing to do with the popularity of Masterchef and the like, but a deep desire that I have had since I finished Year 12. I've given the office environment a go, and am gratefully of the time spent and experienced gained, but now onto new adventures. I have no idea how this story will go but I've got my brave face on and passionate heart ready!

Let the baking begin!

As it's been a while and Blogger updates itself, I may refresh the template and browse through the designs and may post in a more (cake) search friendly way. We'll see... depends how technological my brain ends up finding :P
In the meantime, a snapshot of 2010 will follow...

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