Tuesday, December 28

Coming to America

June saw the adventures in heading to America with mum to catch up with an auntie and meet 2 cousins for the first time.
Oh my, they have so many shopping centres (malls) and copious choices of food stores. It was amusing getting familiar with the food chains I had never heard of, and those that had the same name but served different types of foods eg. Wendy's served burgers there, but they serve ice-cream here.

Of course I checked out numerous supermarkets, with Wegmans being a favourite (one branch had particularly impressive toilets (restrooms)). Reading the product labels were amusing too, in a concerning way; like the breakfast cereal promoted as containing 35% Daily Value for fibre but yet was totally coated in sugar. Hmmm. And don't get me started on pack and portion sizes.

 Bufflo wings, from Buffalo of course
 Long crab legs
 Cream Pie
 Huge lobster
 Times Square
 Rockafella Centre
 M&M world
 Statue of Liberty
 St Paul's Cathedral
1/2 pound burger
Niagara Falls (from Canadian side)

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