Tuesday, March 27

Actually doing stuff

Although I find non-stopness tiring, it's still quite exciting. By this I'm refering to the weekend.
Friday night I helped supervise girls at GB sleepover. Sleeping on just carpet is not comfortable, neither is being woken up by girls yelling in their sleep.

Off to Manly Beach we went. Nice calm waters. Not the greatest sushi nearby though. 30min wait for train. Train problems at Lidcombe, another 30 min wait. Back to church at 4:45. Run off to vote. Run off to start work at 5. Stay back an extra hr till 10. Dinner. Do random necessary tasks. 11:30 sleep.

Luckily I got an extra hr due to daylight saving on Sunday. Off to Kids church, straight to work for 4hrs. Breaktime. Church. Hung about at Pete n Liz's.

Monday, off to John's. Lunched at Mozarts (for the 3rd time I figured, the staff are much more friendly than the surrounding eateries). Mmm tasty burger with accomanying chips for $5.50. Super. Window shopping, got a top for $4, woohoo. Had my 2nd ever milk tea with pearls. Mmm. Watched Hot Fuzz with free tickets. Funny stuff, really liked it, would recommend it if you liked Shaun of the Dead. Cooked rice noodles (yummm) for dinner for others. Watched Children of Men, thought it ok but unusual. Watched The White Masai, thought it ok but disappointed to end the night on a sombre note. 12:30 sleeeep. Golly 3 movies in one day gets a bit heavy.

All in all, a relatively enjoyable busyness.

Speaking of heavy... back to being a weekday sloth. Still no progress with the job hunting :( or doing exercise :(

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