Sunday, December 10

no rest yet

I'm really starting to feel it now. My busy week and late nights have continued on...

Went to a gig with Lou at the Albion Hotel in Parra, and saw Operator Please, The Red Sun Band and Dappled Cities Fly.
The music was pretty good, best of all it was freeee. One of the dudes (Tim?) were funny to watch as he danced about on stage in jolty movements, pausing only to wail into the microphone. I liked it.

Constantly on the move, going by legs and train. Shops, prep for various things, SPYCE - youth group, dinner in city, drawings for youth groups.
It's nice to see friends in real life, to know that they REALLY exist. I'm still surprised to see that you exist John. 60+ emails later, us uni people finally caught up for Christmas at Nick's Bar and Grill on King St Wharf. Again good times despite minor dampness.
Grumbles of the stomach, so I got a simple garden salad.

Mmm *very* attractive. Dices of veges. Giant bowl of dices of veges. I'm sure it could have been presented better. It was eaten anyway.

Saturday, oh Saturday:
Nice and early off to Glebe Markets (Glebe Public School, Glebe Point Rd).

As I entered the school gates I knew straight away I would like it. I like the look of stalls crowded together waiting for me to explore, eyes jumping from clothes to jewellery to handmade notebooks. So pretty. Some food, but not much.
Then off to the Annandale, but some teen music thing was on, so no pub markets. Came across this though:

heh heh

and this in Scientific Terrific, a kids science store:

I was sooo excited, but for $32 maybe not.

Then off to Leichardt for a wander and lunch. Browsing 9 menus later, we finally came to Bar Baba on Norton St, which had both spaghetti bolognaise for Lou and non-pub sounding food for me.

Lovely Lou with her spag bol (quite like this pic)
My spinach and ricotta wrapped in crepe with napoli sauce.
The food came out so fast, I was impressed. For the first third it was ok, after a while it got a bit heavy to eat. It was probably just me and excessive ricotta but if I was starting to feel early signs vomity reflexes. Hmm. It wasnt THAT bad, but I couldnt eat more than half.
Wander about the forum. Bought kids resource, so excited.
Then back homewards to church for The African Experience. Our African congregation showed us some of their culture, of music and food. It's pretty cool, we're quite different but yet so united through Christ. It's funny one of the ladies were describing how they made the different dishes with their spices and mixing, then also mentioning that there was salad, regular salad. They are so into their music too, they jump about for hours, and always with a smile on their face.

And then off to Jo's 21st whom I've grown up with in church and currently doing Kids Church with. She's another person who always has a smile on her face and always thinking of other people.
Most excellent company and food to be had. Chocolate fountains really are all the rage.

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