Wednesday, December 13

Makes 24

...or one MEGA cookie.
Mmm, I've been wanting to do this for a long time

It's just a regular choc chip cookie recipe. The things is once you make it, it's a bit of a mess to eat and looks quite ugly hacked up to pieces. Unless you have a giant mouth and eat it in a few bites, which I'd imagine is highly possible for some. Might try a different recipe next time though, it came out too soft, like cake, so I keep eating it. Mm cookie
Google Earth-oven (with Lego man)
Caught up with Stacey and friends at Level 4, Blacktown at Panarottis.
Having "hunger-defying portions" sounded a little daunting for my stomach, but unfortunately my sister wasting in a sharing mood. Big pasta it was.
Cajun stirfry ($15.95)

Actually it didnt look too big, but it certainly did defy my hunger that had been brought on from my 75min walk earlier. I had to give myself a reason to eat! Again I picked a spicy dish without realising, but it was manageable. the sauce was at a good creaminess too. I generally prefer tomato-based. I dunno what makes it 'cajun', it didnt really have a distinct flavor. Something about cayene pepper? Nothing about pasta here.

My sister's fetta, tomato and jalepeno pizza ($7.95)

The other pizzas looked good too. You can actually see the toppings and the base is the perfect thinness/thickness. I'd go again for pizza if I had pizza buddy.

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