Wednesday, July 19

Simple cookie joy

There's no better way to start the day than by baking.
A not-quite Mixed Peel and Currant Cookie

Well I'm sure there is but this made me pretty happy. Easy recipe too, another from Women's Weekly - Biscuits & Slices cookbook. Once again I didn't completely follow the recipe. I didnt use peel or currants. Instead used mixed dried fruit and sunflower kernels, close enough. Reduced the sugar too with no adverse effects. harrr.
It was pretty good I thought. Well I did eat 6 of them today. Firm on the outside, soft on the inside. And I was not disgusted at the butter content for a change (125g to 2 cups flour). It didnt leave a noteable oily residue as I rolled them up, which was a nice.
The recipe lied. It approximated that it would make 45 for heaped teaspoons. Those cookies would be quite small. Although I did make 40, some small. I'm just fussing. I'll shut up now... and eat a cookie.

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