Tuesday, May 16

the chocolate game...but sooo much better

I'm sure most people would be familiar with the chocolate game. That is, you have a block of chocolate and people have to take turns rolling a dice for a 6. Once you get it, you have a chance to hack at the chocolate for ONE square at a time, with a knife and fork, chewing and swallowing throughly before someone else gets a 6. If no one gets it you continue feeding your face on the energy-dense goodness.
since fruit is just ooooh so much better, (in true amie-style) i thought how about using it to replace the chocolate! now now, dont be silly and think that i'm going to have people hacking an apple or orange. that would be silly.
i pre-cut up the apples, oranges and grapes and as a bonus i had yoghurt on the side, for those that wished to have it. Toothpicks were used to maintain food safety. Another optional addition is to have people put items of clothing on prior to eating such as an apron and oven mitt. This adds to the excitement as someone is about to eat and just miss out cos someone else got a 6.
now some might think that "it's just fruit & vege obessessed amie wanting everyone to be all happy healthy and eating more F&V and just another crazy 'in-theory-this-would-work' idea"
But no. I stick my carrot to you. I tested this game. And I'm exceedingly pleased with the results.
Hearing "YAY fruit!" and "I want a grape" and "the apples are good" and "can we have fruit next week?" was music to my ears. Both mothers and daughters alike were enthusiastic on our Mother's Night for Girls' Brigade. I was worried at first but those fears were quashed, like crushing grapes with your feet for wine. and considering they were fed pavlova, biscuits or ice creams later in the night, im super glad chocolate wasnt used.
I would be interested though to how boys would respond. hmm. more thought may be needed.

Having a variety of fruit really helped. and so with this one (and a half, i sorta tried it out earlier on others) trial, i'd really recommend you to give it a go with a group, any age group. Try different fruits, try custard. It's so simple. And let me know how it goes.

FRUIT is FUN! :)

*Note: Be careful when playing this game with young children. Make sure fruit is not cut too small as they may choke, ensure they chew it all and are careful with pointy toothpicks.


JJ said...

That seems suspiciously like a drinking game...

amie said...

ha. trust u to know if there were. only good eating here!